About Us

My name is Simba Levi Darrisaw. My parents Clyde and Mischa Darrisaw chose my name because, like my parents, I am loved by an entire village. I entered this world by a successful in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment on the first try! My name suits me because I am destined to be KING. At the age of six months, I became the proud owner of Pride Rock Apparel (PRA) and I am excited to continuously produce stylish, fun, and sporty clothes for young Kings. I will grow up to become a respectable King that everyone loves and cherishes. Please check out the latest fashion and tag us on Instagram to show us how you Rock the PR apparel. Follow us @priderockapparel on Instagram. 

With Appreciation, 

Simba Levi Darrisaw 
CEO of Pride Rock Apparel 

P.S. I will release a line for girls a few times a year, just for kicks. #TheNalaEdition